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Legislative Measures to fight Corruption (Nigeria)

Politics Posted on Wed, March 18, 2009 13:43:12

1). A bill on yearly Assets & Tax declaration of all political office holders.
2). A bill on the removal of the immunity
3). A bill on the freedom and passage of information
4). A bill on the publication of yearly income and expenditure of all ministries on widely read newspapers or online

What are you rebranding? Fight Corruption instead (Nigeria).

Politics Posted on Wed, March 18, 2009 13:12:02

I was sitting at home in Stockholm, Sweden when I saw a program “Lunching of “Rebranding” of Nigeria” on AIT. What I do not understand is what the present government of Nigeria want to “rebrand”. You cannot “rebrand” Nigeria when what made Nigeria what it is today is still there – Corruption. Why are we leaving the substance and chasing shadow. What Nigeria is known for both home and abroad is CORRUPTION and lack of RULE of LAW. So is it possible to rebrand corruption? or to fight it? If we have to rebrand Nigeria, we have to fight corruption and maintain rule of law. After watching the entire program, I did not see anything that tells me that the government is fighting or willing to fight corruption.

Under the government of Obasanjo and Ribadu, though not total but we saw corruption was to some extent been addressed. Critics had it that they were being selective but did they ever brought to book anybody that was not corrupt? Whoever is corrupt is corrupt, it is irrelevant if they were selective or not.

FACTS: Under Obansanjo┬┤s tenure the two anti-Graft bodies was founded (EFCC & ICPC). A big step in war against corruption
Three Ministers were sacked and were taking to court.
IGP was sacked and was jailed.
The then Senate President lost his job and was also taking to court.

How can a Nigerian believe in his or her country and this particular rebranding when they see people embazzle public funds and yet get a way with it everyday. Foreigners are asking the same question of what are you rebranding when the obvious problem is corruption and Nigeria government is not fighting it. Why wasting tax payers money on issues that will be dealt with, with little or not much effort once corruption is properly addressed.

To have Nigerians believe in themselves, you have to make sure that the act of governance is not business as usual. It should be the act of providing necessities for the citizenry.

I travel weekly performing in different countries trying to portray the good image of Nigeria, sometimes I sincerely have difficulties doing this especially when they ask me “what are you Nigerians doing about corruption”?