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One point Agenda for Nigeria

Politics Posted on Sun, March 01, 2009 19:08:27

I think that the president should suspend his 7 point agenda and focus all his energy on One point agenda, that is reducing Corruption to its barest minimum. If he succeeds in fighting corruption then we will be sure that his 7 point agenda would be realized. The problem with Nigeria is not the formulated policies, it is “CORRUPTION” and nothing else.

Photo session

Life Posted on Mon, February 16, 2009 02:57:01

Last week i went to take some new press images. It was time for some new images for my new single but also for press and web contents. They where taken by the popular photographer Bingo Rimér. I really had a good time at the photo shooting. this guy is really funny..

Here are some pics of the result..

My first post..

Life Posted on Sun, February 15, 2009 23:52:06

Well my first post will only be a few words….

smiley…i found this picture somewhere on the net, i´m still trying to figure out where and when this was taken…

Cheers / Alban

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